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104-year-old Dorothy Hoffner died days after making skydiving record

Dorothy Hoffner, 104, waves to the crowd with Daniel Wilsey, left, and friend Joe Conant after becoming the oldest person in the world to skydive Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Ill. Hoffner was found dead at a senior living center a week later.

A 104-year-old Chicago woman died days after attempting to make the world record for the the oldest person to jump out of a plane.

“Age is just a number,” Dorothy Hoffner told the Chicago Tribune, after leaping from a plane last Sunday.

Joe Conant, A close friend of Hoffner’s told ABC7 that she was found dead Monday morning at the Brookdale Lake View senior living community. She appeared to have died in her sleep.

“She was indefatigable. She just kept going,” he said Tuesday. “She was not someone who would take naps in the afternoon, or not show up for any function, dinner or anything else. She was always there, fully present. She kept going, always.”

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