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Acclaimed actor Ethan Hawke on directing his daughter Maya in new Flannery O’ Connor biopic ‘Wildcat’ – WABE

In “Wildcat” a new film about the author Flannery O’ Connor, we hear the question “If imagination impacts reality, isn’t faith where those rivers meet?” Director Ethan Hawke explores O’Connor’s imagination and the role of faith in her life in the movie he co-wrote with Shelby Gaines.

Daughter Maya Hawke plays O’Connor and several characters from her stories in a movie that premiered at the Toronto Film and will screen at the Rome International Film Festival in Rome, Georgia, on Nov. 3. In this interview, Ethan Hawke joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to speak more about the film.

“As ‘Stranger Things’ got successful, Maya came to me and said ‘I’d like to make a movie where a young woman’s primary passion isn’t a man, but her own work,’” Hawke said.

The biopic “Wildcat” is screening at the Rome International Film Festival on Nov. 3. More information is available here.

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