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Ahsoka Episode 8 Recap: 13 Biggest Spoilers

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 8.


  • Morgan Elsbeth undergoes a transformative ritual and becomes a powerful Nightsister, receiving the Blade of Talzin.
  • Ezra builds a new blue lightsaber inspired by his late master, Kanan Jarrus, using a special hilt piece.
  • Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine team up and fight together as Jedi, bringing together elements from
    The Clone Wars
    Star Wars Rebels

The season finale of Ahsoka was an epic conclusion full of breathtaking moments, intense action, and plenty of setup for the future of Star Wars. The series may have started slow, but Ahsoka quickly found its footing and delivered some of the most exciting moments in Star Wars TV history. Ahsoka episode 8 “The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord” brilliantly wraps up the season’s main storyline while leaving room for plenty more in future New Republic Era Star Wars movies and TV shows.

Ahsoka episode 8 contains several moments that build on previous canon Star Wars projects and elements from the Legends continuity. Some of these references are more obscure, but certain clues hint at what’s in store for Ahsoka season 2. From answers to season-long mysteries to payoff for longtime Star Wars fans, 12 moments in Ahsoka episode 8 stand out the most.

13 Morgan Elsbeth Becomes A True Nightsister & Receives The Blade of Talzin


Morgan Elsbeth sought the approval of the Great Mothers as she searched for Grand Admiral Thrawn, and she got her wish by being imbued with Nightsister magic. She underwent the same Nightsister initiation ritual as Asajj Ventress in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4, episode 19 “Massacre,” reborn as a true Nightsister and receiving the Blade of Talzin. Mother Talzin once wielded this sword in a duel against Jedi Master Mace Windu, making it a high honor for any Nightsister.

12 Ezra Builds A New Blue Lightsaber Inspired By His Master’s

Huyang approves of Ezra Bridger's new blue lightsaber in Ahsoka episode 8.

Ezra Bridger returned to his original blue lightsaber color and used a hilt piece Huyang had saved for his master, Kanan Jarrus. Having Ezra’s new lightsaber resemble Kanan’s was a fantastic way to honor the late Jedi, and the blue color visually represents Ezra’s story as a Jedi coming full circle. Perhaps as a fun meta-reference to the thin lightsabers seen in Star Wars Rebels, Ezra tells Huyang that his configuration will make the blade too narrow.

11 Ahsoka, Sabine, & Ezra All Fight Together As Jedi

Ahsoka Episode 8 Easter Eggs

Ahsoka has several moments that bring The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels to life in live-action, and seeing Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine Wren all team up was a series highlight. Each character has a distinct fighting style, with Ahsoka seamlessly deflecting laser bolts while Sabine had to switch to blasters. Having a variety of lightsaber colors in the same scene is always a visual treat, but the banter between the three Jedi made the action pure fun.

10 Star Wars Makes Legends’ Version Of Death Troopers Canon

Zombie Deathtrooper In Ahsoka Episode 8

The Nightsisters used their dark magic to reanimate dead stormtroopers, effectively bringing back the Death Troopers seen in the Legends continuity. Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber introduced an Imperial-engineered virus that turned a ship of stormtroopers into mindless zombies, and the cracked helmets in Ahsoka episode 8 make Thrawn’s undead soldiers resemble the Legends Death Troopers. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ushered in an elite stormtrooper variant called Death Troopers, but seeing zombie stormtroopers back in Star Wars canon was an odd, yet surprisingly satisfying moment.

9 A Rematch Between Ahsoka & Lady Morgan

Ahsoka Tano vs. Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka episode 8

Ahsoka and Morgan Elsbeth had their long-awaited rematch in Ahsoka episode 8, one of the show’s best duels. Lady Morgan had a chance to wield the deadly Blade of Talzin while Ahsoka threw everything she had at her opponent, masterfully wielding both blades. Ahsoka’s duel with Morgan in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 “The Jedi” was one of Star Wars best lightsaber duels at the time, but their duel in Ahsoka episode 8 elevated the game.

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8 Sabine Finally Uses The Force To Move An Object

Sabine's Lightsaber in Ahsoka Episode 8

Sabine had been working to master Force telekinesis throughout Ahsoka, and she finally succeeded when she used the Force to grab her lightsaber and kill a zombie trooper. The scene is very similar to Luke Skywalker struggling to summon his lightsaber in the ice cave in The Empire Strikes Back, with the lightsaber moving slightly before flying into her hand. As a character who started seemingly non-Force-sensitive, Sabine finally using the Force was an incredible payoff to a season-long arc.

7 Ahsoka Kills Lady Morgan

Ahsoka Tano kills Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka episode 8

An incredibly shocking moment came when Ahsoka killed Lady Morgan, striking her with a lightsaber and the Blade of Talzin. Ahsoka has always been an outstanding duelist who struck down many adversaries, but Morgan was one of her more challenging opponents in The Mandalorian. This made Morgan’s death more impactful when Ahsoka managed to gain the upper hand and strike her down.

6 Grand Admiral Thrawn’s First (& Potentially Last) Words To Ahsoka

Grand Admiral Thrawn with his Chimaera Star Destroyer in the background.

Thrawn himself admitted that it was a shame he and Ahsoka didn’t meet face to face, but the Grand Admiral made sure to give a memorable speech before departing the galaxy. Thrawn called Ahsoka a Ronin and noted how he used her master against her to get inside her head, jumping into hyperspace before she could say anything. While the outcome means Ahsoka and Thrawn may never meet again, they will likely have the chance to face each other in person in Ahsoka season 2 or Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian movie.

5 Ahsoka, Sabine, Huyang, Shin Hati, & Baylan Skoll Are All Trapped On Peridea

Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren trapped on Peridea in Ahsoka episode 8

Several main characters are trapped on Peridea, each one pursuing separate goals. Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang continue Ezra’s mission to protect the planet’s inhabitants, Shin Hati will likely become the new leader of the marauders, and Baylan Skoll seeks a mysterious power. It’s unclear when or how they will escape the planet and in what ways it will affect their role in upcoming Star Wars projects.

4 The Force Gods Of Mortis Return


The Force Gods of Mortis continue to play a significant role in Filoni’s Star Wars TV shows, as each one appeared differently in Ahsoka episode 8. Baylan discovered statues of the Father and the Son, while Ahsoka spotted Morai the convor owl, hinting that the Mortis gods will shape Ahsoka season 2. It has also been speculated that Ahsoka is setting up Abeloth, a dark entity from Legends who was essentially “the Mother” among the Force Gods of Mortis.

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3 Thrawn & The Great Mothers Arrive At Dathomir

The Eye of Sion arrives at Dathomir in Ahsoka episode 8

Thrawn and the Great Mothers chose Dathomir as their first destination, implying that it would be their base of operations as the Grand Admiral wages war against the New Republic. The Great Mothers already have the power of foresight, the ability to raise the dead, and the mysterious containers Thrawn transported from Peridea. Now that they have access to Dathomir, and with Thrawn able to call on the Imperial Shadow Council, the Grand Admiral can take his place as heir to the Empire.

2 Ezra Reunites With Hera Syndulla & Chopper

Ezra Disguise in Ahsoka Episode 8

Ahsoka and Sabine may be trapped on Peridea, but Star Wars fans experienced another long-awaited moment when Ezra reunited with Hera and Chopper. Ezra wearing stormtrooper armor was a nice callback to Star Wars Rebels, and it was heartwarming that Chopper immediately recognized him even with the helmet. Hearing Ezra say “I’m home” is what Hera and the audience have been waiting for since Star Wars Rebels ended in 2018.

1 Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost Returns

Anakin's Force ghost from Ahsoka episode 8

Anakin and Ahsoka’s reunion in the World Between Worlds was one of the show’s best sequences, but it wasn’t Hayden Christensen’s last appearance. The final shot of Ahsoka episode 8 showed Anakin’s Force ghost continuing to watch over his apprentice as she begins the next chapter of her journey. As the main character of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, Anakin’s Force ghost was the perfect way to end the season, symbolically passing the torch as he watches from the beyond. It’s also a great final moment between master and apprentice, neither having to say a word as the Ahsoka season finale cuts to black.

All episodes of Ahsoka are now streaming on Disney+.

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