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Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Evolution Revealed in ‘The South Got Something to Say’

On November 3, 2023, immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and impactful narratives of Atlanta’s hip-hop legacy, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unveils “The South Got Something to Say” – a documentary showcasing the city’s profound influence on the rap industry.

This enthralling feature celebrates the 1995 Source Awards’ iconic moment when André 3000 of OutKast proclaimed, “The South got something to say”. From there, the film masterfully connects the dots over three decades, detailing how Atlanta’s vibrant sounds became synonymous with hip-hop.

Enjoy unparalleled insights from hip-hop luminaries like Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin, Killer Mike, and the revered Goodie Mob, among others. Award-winning directors Ryon and Tyson Horne, assisted by AJC’s stellar reporters DeAsia Paige and Ernie Suggs, present a captivating oral history, stitching together over 60 interviews.

AJC Editor-in-Chief Leroy Chapman emphasized the uniqueness of this project, saying, “This is Atlanta’s narrative. The AJC has witnessed and documented the birth and evolution of hip-hop in the South. While other films might celebrate hip-hop’s golden jubilee, none resonate with Atlanta’s heartbeat like ours.”

This documentary not only chronicles Atlanta’s rich musical tapestry but also heralds the advent of AJC Films. As part of the newspaper’s transformative journey into multimedia storytelling, they aim to spotlight Atlanta’s illustrious past in captivating ways. Andrew Morse, AJC’s President and Publisher, shared the vision behind this initiative: “With Atlanta being a massive film and TV production hub, it’s time our storied archives, which have chronicled the South’s history, inspire cinematic masterpieces.”

With the expertise of Jon Adler from EverWonder Studio and representation from United Talent Agency (UTA) – a recent entrant in Atlanta’s agency scene – AJC is poised to produce compelling content. Steve Cohen, UTA partner, expressed his excitement, “We’re ecstatic about magnifying stories like ‘The South Got Something to Say’. AJC stands as a testament to the artists who’ve made Atlanta a cultural powerhouse.”

Set a reminder for Nov. 3, and dive deep into Atlanta’s hip-hop odyssey exclusively at Catch a glimpse of history, rhythm, and Atlanta’s soul, one beat at a time.

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