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Bryan Barber Sues Tyrese For Defamation Per Breakfast Club Interview

Singer and actor, Tyrese hired director, Bryan Barber to do a short documentary video at his house. He paid the famous producer for the entire setup. Tyrese states on the Breakfast Club Interview that after the video was done, Barber, allegedly, refused to release the footage back to him. He states he paid Barber $35,000.

Tyrese then accuses the director of also doing the same thing to other celebrities like radio host Big Boy and producer Dallas Austin. Barber retaliated to the Breakfast Club interview by suing Tyrese for $10 million indicating the statements were not true, pertaining to Big Boy, Dallas Austin, and others and the accusation was an attack on his character.

Baber allegedly states Tyrese’s manager told him not to release the footage in order to protect Tyrese’s reputation. Apparently, the manager felt the video would not compliment Tyrese’s celebrity. This, in turn, would certainly create a very awkward situation.

What was Barber supposed to do? This situation would’ve certainly caused friction between Tyrese and his manager but if Tyrese paid for the footage, should Barbara have given him his money back? or should have given him the footage anyway and gone on about his business since he was not responsible for whatever Tyrese did with the video. In the video below it appears Barber has a different take on the situation.

Would you have returned the money after doing the assignment, Would you have listened to the manager? How was the manager able to persuade Barber not to give Tyrese the video? Didn’t Barber know this would be a problem? It’ll be very interesting to see how this turns out since it was a business transaction and Tyrese paid for it but allegedly did not get what he paid for. See the video below.

Bryan Barber, born on December 20, 1970, is a music video and motion picture director known for his unique narrative video scripts and visual directing style. He grew up in East Palo Alto, California, and later moved to Sacramento, where his early love for film led him to work at Tower Records and Tower Video. Despite struggling in college initially, he eventually found his passion for filmmaking and won a trip to the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, which confirmed his path as a filmmaker.

After graduating from college, Barber worked as a production assistant and in various roles in the film industry before finally saving enough to buy his own 16mm camera. This allowed him to focus on directing, particularly in the booming music industry of Atlanta. He directed his first music video for Outkast in 1998 and soon became known for his original and narrative-driven music videos.

Barber directed over 200 music videos, worked with numerous stars, and received accolades including a Grammy nomination for Best Music Video. He also ventured into feature films with his debut “Idlewild,” produced by HBO/Universal Studios, and directed episodes of the Nickelodeon sitcom “Instant Mom.”

In addition to his music video and film work, Barber has directed commercials for various clients. He also attempted to secure the job of directing “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and is currently working on an adaptation of “Gigantor” after acquiring the rights.

Overall, Bryan Barber has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, making a significant impact as a director in both music videos and films.

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