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BW3AVY Drops His Latest Single “Ship from Outer Space”


Published October 5, 2023

New music releases are common in today’s competitive entertainment industry, and BW3AVY’s single “Ship from Outer Space” is gaining attention. The song blends captivating lyrics with melodic craftsmanship, amassing thousands of streams in a short time. BW3AVY, a passionate artist since youth, has reinvented himself with a unique style in pop-rock music. Collaborating with industry figures, he aims to establish an international presence and inspire personal growth through music.

Coming across newly released music has become a norm in the modern entertainment scene. It’s a highly competitive industry attracting diverse talents from across the divide. These exceptionally gifted artists serve music enthusiasts doses of captivating, entertaining, and thrilling releases, some of which dominate the airwaves for years.

Ship from Outer Space” by BW3AVY is one of the notable singles to watch out for. Ship from Outer Space is a well-crafted, melodically pieced track with captivating lyrics that perfectly blend with the soothing strings. BW3AVY pours out his heart, sharing his love experiences, and the outcome is a timeless love poem that feels like a “Ship from Outer Space.” 

Incredibly, “Ship from Outer Space” is already amassing tens of thousands of streams a few months since its release. This is an exceptional milestone for the prolific singer working his way into the mainstream. BW3AVY describes the single as a special project to showcase the new artist he’s become.

A born talent, BW3AVY’s passion for the music scene started at a young age. The young BW3AVY was fascinated by music’s incomparable power and influence to impact change. He firmly believes in Edward Bulwer’s words: Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies. 

Though BW3AVY’s fames date years back, he took a break to hone his craft into the modern artist he is today.

“I released a music video when I was in highschool that was extremely controversial, my life basically changed over night. It did make me pop off, but I ended up taking it down because I thought it was a poor representation of me as a music artist.” he narrates.

Since then, BW3AVY has packaged his art into a whole new version. He stands out with his unique style of music, incorporating various elements into catchy modern pop-rock music. BW3AVY is also making major industry moves, working with notable names, including Indianapolis’s “M-Eighty,” Mark Battles, Hollywood Bangerz, and Ryini Beats.

As an independent artist, BW3AVY aims to release more classical music and announce his presence into the international scene. He believes it’s his purpose to leverage music and inspire other people to understand that it’s never too late to turn things around and that we don’t have to let our past define us as people.

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