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DC Young Fly, partner of Ms. Jacky Oh!, says his sister died

DC Young Fly has revealed his sister died last week.

The MTV “Wild ’N Out” alum and “Celebrity Squares” host, 31, shared in an Instagram post Monday that his sister had died. The news comes as the comedian grieves the death of his longtime partner, Ms. Jacky Oh!, who died in May from cosmetic surgery complications.

“In a matter of a year I lost 3 people,” DC Young Fly began his post. “my Kuzzin on last august my girl in may and my sister a couple days ago🤦🏽‍♂️.. u jus gotta stick through the mission knowin that GOD got u and he will grant you the strength…. Remember he parted the Red Sea not make it disappear .. the problems are still there he jus allowed u to get through it 🙏🏾 make sure Yu stay righteous don’t hold no grudge because GOD is love and love will always overcome adversity #StayPrayedUp #KeepGODFirst”

Jacky Oh was found unresponsive in her Miami hotel room on May 31, according to a Miami Police Department report obtained by The Times. Smith had traveled to Miami with her aunt to undergo a “mommy makeover” surgery. Her death was a result of complications from cosmetic surgery, her autopsy report revealed. Her manner of death was ruled accidental.

According to the autopsy report, Jacky Oh had a “gluteal augmentation procedure” the day prior; she had liposuction to transfer fat to her buttocks. She underwent the procedure without any complications, the report said.

Jacky Oh — born Jacklyn Smith — had been in a relationship with DC Young Fly — born John Whitfield — since 2015. The couple met while filming the sketch comedy show “Wild ’N Out.” At the time, Smith had been a “Wild ’N Out girl” for two seasons, and DC Young Fly was a rookie on the hip-hop variety series.

In June, Smith was memorialized in Atlanta at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in a lavish celebration of life that included thousands of flowers, a horse-drawn carriage and doves that DC Young Fly released into the sky.

DC Young Fly spoke about his partner, with whom he shared three children — Nova, 6, Nala, 2, and Prince’Nehemiah, 1 — in an impassioned speech in which he discussed the importance of faith in trying times.

“Jack, you know I love you, girl. You know!” he began the eulogy. “But we’re here, baby. Like you said, this feels like a dream, feels like a fairy tale … but this ain’t no fairy tale. And if Joseph didn’t complain, I won’t either.”

In August, DC Young Fly revealed he’d had a portrait of Jacky Oh tattooed onto his back. He shared a video of the commemorative ink on his Instagram with the caption, “we in this together and forever !!! My Angel my baby my wife the Queen of my children💪🏾 I wish there was a reset button 😢 …. It may be a lot of things we don’t want to do but we are force to do.. we must continue on with the mission 🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏾 but GOD has granted us all strength 💪🏾 we mus continue to give praise to THE MOST HIGH through the midst of pain🙏🏾 “

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