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Detroit-born Music Artist, Darren Horn, Unveils Exclusive Limited Edition Vinyl Album “Nairobi”

(DailyMusicRoll Editorial):- Detroit, Michigan Oct 18, 2023 ( – Renowned musical artist, Darren Horn, hailing from the heart of Detroit, is poised to captivate collectors and music aficionados with the highly anticipated release of his exclusive limited edition vinyl album, “Nairobi. Limited to a mere 1000 copies, each album is meticulously numbered and personally autographed by the artist, elevating it to a coveted treasure for fans and vinyl connoisseurs alike.

Darren Horn, affectionately known in the entertainment industry as “Mr. Horn,” has poured his creative genius into every aspect of “Nairobi.” This musical masterpiece boasts a collection of entirely original compositions, serving as a testament to Mr. Horn’s artistic brilliance. The album delivers an enthralling fusion of jazz and R&B, resulting in an emotionally resonant and artistically innovative experience.  The single “Nairobi” has garnered much attention as it has already been picked up by over 100 radio stations. 

Pre-orders for “Nairobi” are now open, affording fans the unique opportunity to secure their own piece of musical history. The official release date is scheduled for March 2024, guaranteeing that pre-order customers will be among the first to possess this limited-edition gem.

Born and raised in Detroit, Mr. Horn has earned critical acclaim and a plethora of accolades throughout his illustrious 30-year career, solidifying his status as a musical luminary. Rooted in Detroit’s rich musical heritage, he effortlessly intertwines Motown and jazz influences, creating a sound that is uniquely his own.

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“Nairobi” stands as the pinnacle of Mr. Horn’s artistic evolution, seamlessly blending intricate jazz melodies with the infectious grooves of R&B. The result is a sound that feels both familiar and refreshingly original, featuring rich harmonies, impeccable instrumentation, and Mr. Horn’s emotive vocals. This album promises an extraordinary auditory experience.

This limited edition vinyl release, restricted to just 1000 copies worldwide, is destined to become a highly sought-after collector’s item. As mentioned, each album jacket is meticulously hand-numbered, and Mr. Horn’s unmistakable signature graces every record, symbolizing his personal connection with his audience and his deep appreciation for their unwavering support.

In an age dominated by digital streaming, “Nairobi” is a profound celebration of the timeless allure of physical music formats and a testament to Mr. Horn’s musical artistry. Owning a copy of this album isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in a piece of musical history.

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Secure your numbered and signed copy of Mr. Horn’s exclusive vinyl album today. Pre-orders are open now, with the official release date set for March 2024. Whether you’re a devoted jazz enthusiast, an R&B aficionado, or someone who cherishes the warmth of vinyl records, “Nairobi” promises an unparalleled listening experience. Visit to learn how collectors can obtain this invaluable treasure for their own.

About Mr. Horn:

Darren Horn, a Detroit native, has amassed national acclaim with a distinguished career spanning three decades. His groundbreaking contributions to jazz and R&B have solidified his position as a celebrated figure in the music industry.

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