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Fat Camp Films, reveals its framework for surviving and thriving in the ever-changing entertainment industry

Multimedia empire, Fat Camp Films, explains its methodology for staying profitable and versatile in an unpredictable landscape.

New York, New York –News Direct– Prodigy Press Wire

Founders and co-CEOs Zach Sage Fox and Omri Dorani

New York-based multimedia agency, Fat Camp Films (FCF) has successfully overcome the difficulties of Hollywood through its disruptive business model. By actively working in multiple niches of the industry, FCF has obtained countless clients that benefit from the company’s versatile skill set and connections. Since they were founded in 2012, Fat Camp Films has built a presence within television, advertising, film, social media and are currently branching into theater. Founders and co-CEOs Zach Sage Fox and Omri Dorani believe the company’s flexibility and innovative mindset keep them ahead of competitors.

Just like any other sector, the entertainment industry has seen vast changes due to younger demographics and external factors. Millennials and Gen Z have been responsible for the rapid rise in video advertising, especially on social media, while COVID and writer strikes have pushed some production studios to close their doors. Amid these trends and crises, Fat Camp Films has stayed relevant and exciting with their offerings. They’ve discovered how to add value in branding, production, distribution, and other niches.

The diversified business model stemmed from Zach Sage Fox and Omri Dorani’s desire to think outside the box and challenge industry norms. As young founders, the pair created Fat Camp Films to reimagine the content creation landscape. Omri and Zach dubbed the company ‘fat camp’ because they met at a tween weight loss summer camp and found irony in the situation. As the company grew, Zach and Omri realized that staying within your niche isn’t a strategic move for modern entertainment, which is why they began expanding their project variety and capacity.

“Fat Camp Films has become a new type of production company because we’re never trying to mold ourselves into one thing. Other companies are trying to use tactics that have worked in the past, but we’re trying to discover techniques that haven’t been done yet. That’s what is preparing us for the 22nd century,” says Omri Dorani.

Some of FCF’s most accomplished projects include leading television programs, over 20 original social media shows, as well as hundreds of viral advertising campaigns. This has allowed Fat Camp Films to partner with high-profile companies within the industry and rack up billions of views and over 65 million likes. FCF’s popularity within brand content creation has caused them to create Ad Camp, which is solely focused on these types of projects.

Fat Camp Films has acquired many multibillion dollar clients as well as much smaller companies looking to elevate their media presence. Regardless of what category a client belongs in, FCF identifies their goals and decides which form of media is best for them to create. This personalized approach allows Fat Camp Films to retain clients for several years as both companies adapt and change their offerings to the industry’s demands. What Do You Meme? and Gopuff are two brands that have been working with FCF for multiple years due to the company’s expertise in many different mediums.

Fat Camp Films plans to continue producing hilarious content that captures the attention of millions worldwide. Zach and Omri want to widen the company’s presence in theater among other niches within the next few years.

“No one knows what’s happening in the future of entertainment since the industry is shifting so dramatically, that’s why focusing on one genre or one form of media is almost irresponsible. You have to hedge your bets for the amount of uncertainty and instability that lies ahead. You have to do something different and try new things to continue succeeding,” says Zach Sage Fox.

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