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Fox Schedules Midseason Debut for ‘Grimsburg,’ Animated Comedy Starring Jon Hamm | Entertainment

Mad Men alum Jon Hamm, who’s stirring up drama in the third season of The Morning Show, already has another television series on the calendar. Fox has announced the premiere date for Grimsburg, an animated comedy with Hamm as star and executive producer.

Fox revealed at New York Comic-Con today that Grimsburg will premiere on Sunday, January 7, following the second game of the NFL doubleheader in all time zones, per Variety.

In the new series — which has already been renewed for a second season — Hamm lends his voice to the character of Marvin Flute, who “may be the greatest detective ever to catch a cannibal clown or correctly identify a mid-century modern armoire,” Fox said in a previous press release.

“But there’s one mystery he still can’t crack — his family,” the network added. “Now that he’s back in Grimsburg, a town where everyone has a secret or three, Flute will follow every lead he’s got to redeem himself with the ex-wife he never stopped loving, even if it means hanging out with the son he never bothered to get to know.”

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Grimsburg also stars Erinn Hayes (Harmony Flute), Rachel Dratch (Stan Flute), Alan Tudyk (Dr. Rufis Pentos/Mr. Flesh), Kevin Michael Richardson (Det. Greg Summers), and Greg Chun (Lt. John Kang).

The news of the premiere date comes nearly two years after Fox announced the project. “I am very excited to be involved in the Fox animation universe. A universe I have been actively watching since the early ‘90s,” Hamm said at the time. “The opportunity to get to bring a project like Grimsburg to life that is so particular and unique, and to work with its incredibly imaginative and hilarious creators, is one I can’t wait to get started with.”

Catlan McClelland and Matthew Schlissel created the series and serve as co-executive producers, while Chadd Gindin is showrunner and executive producer. In addition to Hamm and Gindin, Grimsburg’s EPs include Connie Tavel, Gail Berman, and Hend Baghdady. The series comes from Fox Entertainment and its animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, as well as The Jackal Group.

Grimsburg, Sunday, January 7, Following NFL Doubleheader, Fox

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