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‘Good Omens’: Co-Showrunner & Director Out as Season 3 Renewal Chances Look Good | Entertainment

If there’s a Good Omens Season 3, a major change will occur.

Douglas Mackinnon, who was co-showrunner, director, and executive producer for the first two seasons (which dropped on Prime Video on May 31, 2019, and July 28, 2023), will not be returning, he announced in the comments of a post of his on Instagram. “Challenge accepted: To all professionals in the television/film world, join the challenge to post a photo of you in your job. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood social media with our profession and raise awareness of the current struggles,” he wrote in the caption of a photo that showed the Good Omens set.

In response to a fan commenting, “Please, please keep the set up after S3 is done and let us come visit it!!” Mackinnon then wrote, “I’m not involved with this show anymore.” Neil Gaiman, who created the series based on his and Terry Pratchett’s book, confirmed that on Bluesky: “Douglas has moved on to other projects.” (Mackinnon directed all 12 episodes across the first two seasons.)

The good news is that despite this big change behind the scenes, Deadline classifies a third season (which would be its last, as Gaiman has said there won’t be a fourth) as “very likely.” The outlet also noted that the main cast’s options — including those for leads Michael Sheen (who plays angel Aziraphale) and David Tennant (demon Crowley) — were picked up.

Good Omens Season 2 ended on a heartbreaking note, with Aziraphale accepting the Metatron’s (Derek Jacobi) offer to be Heaven’s new Supreme Archangel (filling the hole left by the departure of Gabriel, played by Jon Hamm) and trying to get Crowley to join him, reinstated as an angel. Crowley refused, instead trying to get Aziraphale to follow in Gabriel and Beelzebub’s (Shelley Conn) footsteps and run off together to be an “us.” Crowley kissed Aziraphale, who forgave him, and the demon was driving off in his Bentley while the angel was headed up to Heaven with the Metatron at the end of the finale. What’s next for those two is just one of several burning questions we need answered in a third season.

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