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HCA expanding awards to honor stunt performers

The Hollywood Creative Alliance (HCA), an organization dedicated to advancing and promoting creativity within the entertainment industry, will be adding new categories to its awards shows in an effort to better honor stunt performers. These additions will take place for the upcoming HCA film awards.

HCA [that includes Rick Bentley as a member] will work with producer and editor David Sandeep Robert, filmmaker Jason Strickland and executive producer Leonard Shapiro to create the awards that will ensure the work of stunt performers gets more attention. There is also a move by the organization to spotlight  international actors and make sure they are acknowledged and celebrated on a global scale.

“Stunt performers have often been overlooked for their immense contributions to television and film,” Strickland says. “These skilled and courageous artists put their lives on the line to create breathtaking action sequences that captivate audiences worldwide.

“Despite their vital role in the industry, stunt performers are not recognized at most major award shows, including the Academy Awards.”

The HCA already had a “Best Stunts” category as part of their awards programs, but Robert advocated for the organization to consider additional stunt categories in the HCA Awards for Film and Television.

Expanding the stunt categories reflects the large number of action films that are released each year and the number of TV shows that include big stunts. Such films include “The Creator,” “Fast X” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” Television programs from the network offerings such as “9-1-1” to  streaming shows similar to “The Citadel” depend on big action sequences.

By incorporating new award categories specifically dedicated to these individuals, the Hollywood Creative Alliance looks to promote stunt performers’ crucial role in bringing action-packed sequences to life on screen and international actors for bringing a unique, wide-ranging, full-circle perspective and cultural richness to the screen, enhancing, and raising the bar for storytelling.

“Inclusion and diversity have been the core fabric of Hollywood Creative Alliance. After meeting, we decided to add additional categories to show our support of stunt performers who put their lives on the line and international actors who often face challenges breaking through barriers in the industry,” HCA founder Scott Menzel says.

The new categories, which include Best Stunt Performer, Best Stunt Coordinator, and Best Second Unit Director, will be added alongside the “Best Stunts” category during the 2024 HCA Creative Arts Awards. Menzel also confirmed that the organization has added a Best Stunts category for Television as well.

In addition to advocating for stunt performers, the HCA also has announced it will add three new international categories, including Best International Actor, Best International Actress, and Best International Filmmaker, to the upcoming 2024 HCA Film Awards.

“International Cinema is important to so many of us within the HCA, and we have decided to add additional categories that will allow International titles and performers to get more exposure,”  HCA Vice Chair Yong Chavez says. “The HCA has always been an organization that has shown great pride in uplifting marginalized voices, and so many International actors are overlooked by awards organizations here in the US.”

The HCA Film Awards are set for Jan. 6. The previously postponed 2023 HCA TV Awards are scheduled for Jan. 8. The HCA Creative Arts Awards are scheduled to be held Feb. 26 in Los Angeles. At this time, there is no information on whether any actors will attend the events due to the current strike.

The Hollywood Creative Alliance (HCA) includes critics, entertainment journalists, content creators, industry insiders, and creatives with a shared passion for celebrating excellence in film and television. 

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