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Kenan Thompson plays Deion Sanders on Saturday Night Live: “Prime Time in the House!”

The big buzz in Boulder was live in New York on Saturday night, with SNL’s Kenan Thompson playing CU Buffs’ head coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders.

The episode was replete with footage of Sanders’ 1995 SNL appearance and jokes about CU’s record so far this year and Colorado’s racial diversity — or lack thereof.

“We just keep winning, man. Every game, every minute, we winning at life,” Thompson said, which SNL Weekend Update host Colin Jost responded to by saying, “well you’re 4-3, so you have lost a few.”

Thompson — and the SNL writers — took a jab at CU’s defensive game after joking that Thompson, playing Sanders, doesn’t care what Jost thinks of him: “Coaching? Genius. Offense? Explosive. Defense? Trying.”

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Thompson asks Jost to name him any team that’s perfect, to which Jost replied rattling off a dozen or so undefeated teams. He then gave a brief overview of Sanders’ career, as a coach at Jackson State before coming to Colorado. Thompson characterized Colorado as “the promised land,” where “every single person was White,” joking that CU is a “HWCU” or “historically white college,” a play on the term “historically Black college or university,” which describes Jackson State and over 100 schools around the country. 

Thompson said other teams might be performing better in terms of their record so far this year, “but we gettin’ paid.” SNL then ran a clip from 1995, when Sanders hosted the show after winning the Super Bowl. Not only did he host, but he also led a musical performance at the time.

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