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Landscaper Seeks $2.3M From French Montana After Dog Attack | Entertainment

Los Angeles landscaper Jason Leyva is seeking a $2.3 million default judgment against rapper-producer French Montana. He alleges that Montana’s Tibetan Mountain Dog mauled him in 2019, leaving him with severe injuries. Leyva claimed that Montana did not respond to his lawsuit, prompting the court’s intervention. “I entered the premises, and, without warning or provocation, the dog mauled and bit me, tearing at my shoulder and hip causing severe injuries which required stitches and injured my lumbar spine,” said Leyva. Leyva also stated that he was in “constant, intractable pain when bending, standing or sitting for long periods of time” in his statement. He says that the dog’s “vicious nature” should have been known to Montana. This is the second time Montana has faced legal action over his dog. In 2022, he had to pay $129,500 in damages after a dog attacked his cleaner.

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