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Madonna Says “It’s A F****g Miracle” She’s Alive After Health Scare | Entertainment

Following a recent health scare, Madonna has claimed “it’s a f*****g miracle that I’m here right now” during her Celebration tour show in Belgium. The singer was admitted to the ICU for a bacterial infection in June, and according to Page Six, she was found unresponsive in her New York home. “Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it”, said Madonna on stage. The pop icon believes her late mother was watching over her and said, “I was given another chance. So I’m very grateful for that.” In July, Madonna revealed on Instagram that she was postponing her highly anticipated Celebration tour to “focus” on her recovery. The ‘Vogue’ singer kicked off her tour in London on Oct. 14 and admitted on stage that she still wasn’t 100% but she “can’t complain ‘cause I’m alive.”

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