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Martin Short feared Selena Gomez was a ‘pop princess’ | Entertainment News

Martin Short feared Selena Gomez might’ve been a “pop princess nightmare” before they first met.

The 73-year-old actor stars alongside Selena, 31, in the hit comedy series ‘Only Murders in the Building’, but Martin initially had some doubts about working with the actress.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the veteran star explained: “The first day we shot, I had never met Selena. Because of COVID, we’d only Zoomed. And I was driving to work and I thought, ‘I wonder what Selena’s could be like? I mean, she could be a nightmare. She could be a pop princess nightmare’.

“Right away – from the first second we started to the make-up room – it was, like, fabulous.”

Martin also revealed that he admires Selena’s professional attitude.

He said: “[She’s] so good, so talented, such a pro – it’s fabulous.”

Earlier this year, Selena heaped praise on her ‘Only Murders in the Building’ co-stars.

The brunette beauty initially felt anxious about working with the likes of Martin and Steve Martin, but she ultimately relished the experience.

Selena told The Wrap: “Working with Steve and Marty, I was terrified at first, but relieved that comedy happened to be in my comfort zone. If anything, they’ve helped sharpen my skills.”

The award-winning star also suggested that comedic roles come “quite naturally” to her and that the show has actually boosted her confidence.

Selena shared: “I hope to be as funny as they are one day. They are just really gifted at creating a situation out of nothing and making people laugh and I admire that deeply.

“I guess comedy comes quite naturally for me, but it’s also helping me become more confident in approaching other roles that might be very different.”

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