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On The Scene: The 61st New York Film Festival Spotlight Gala Film – Maestro

His newest directed film, Bradley Cooper’s Maestro, is the story depicting the different faces one wears when living in the public eye, complicated yet devoted decades-spanning relationships, specifically about the legendary musical conductor Leonard Bernstein. Cooper dramatizes the late musician’s story with sensitivity, visual ingenuity, and symphonic splendor. On the carpet, we had the opportunity to speak with the production team who’ve brought together the spotlight film. “They’re [fans] gonna learn about Leonard Bernstein in a way that they’ve never learned before,” says Steve Morrow, production sound mixer. “It’s also special for us on the sound side to be able to [audience] hear an orchestra in full.” For others, it felt like a “pinch me” moment to be celebrating the film. “We’re so excited and prepared for everyone to see it and hopeful that everyone likes it,” says Alexander Bernstein, son of the musical conductor. “We were waiting such a long time for this moment,” Jamie Bernstein adds. “I can’t believe we are actually at it.”

Maestro is set to debut on select theaters in November, and on Netflix December 20th.

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