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Patrick Stewart, a Shakespearean actor who soars in sci-fi, looks back on his life in memoir

NEW YORK (AP) — Patrick Stewart, who famously played a “Star Trek” captain, has boldly gone where no one has gone before — into his past.

The actor spent much of the pandemic at his computer writing his memoir, and the result is out this fall, “Making It So,” borrowing his catchphrase from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

“My long-term memory is very strong. It only needed me to turn the key on day one for the door to be open and memory after memory after memory and sensation and sensation and feelings all came scuttling back,” said Stewart, 83, in a Zoom interview from his Los Angeles home.

It is a remarkable story of a boy who grew up poor in the north of England, became a great Shakespearean stage actor and then a sci-fi movie icon aboard the USS Enterprise and the “X-Men” movie franchise.

He grew up without a toilet or a bathroom in his home, sold furniture as a young man, worked up the rungs of regional theater in England — including touring and crushing on Vivien Leigh — before a 14-year-run with the Royal Shakespeare Company and film and TV stardom in Los Angeles.

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