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Reddit Publishes New Report on How it Fuels TV and Movie Discovery in the App

Reddit has published a new report, in partnership with the British Film Institute, which examines how Reddit’s entertainment communities help to connect TV and film fans in the UK, and how Reddit facilitates expanded entertainment discussion through its many varied communities.

The 18-page guide takes a deep-dive into how Reddit’s recommendations ecosystem helps to drive entertainment discovery, and how entertainment brands can tap into this to maximize exposure.

As explained by Reddit:

“The findings prove Reddit is at the heart of the digital fan experience offering entertainment brands the unique opportunity to engage with an entertainment loving audience across every stage of the entertainment release cycle, from content discovery to helping drive footfall in cinema.”

You can download the full report here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, the report provides an overview of key entertainment engagement stats, and Reddit’s film and TV fan reach.

Reddit entertainment report

Reddit also provides some comparative data points on social platform engagement:

Reddit entertainment report

As well as insights into film and TV engagement over time, via expanded discussion within dedicated Reddit communities.

Reddit entertainment report

Reddit also shares data on how it fuels recommendations, and how they resonate with fans.

Reddit entertainment report

While also, unsurprisingly, highlighting the value of Reddit ads as a means to tap into these engaged groups.

Reddit entertainment report

It’s an interesting overview of the Reddit ecosystem, and how Reddit recommendations, and ads, can drive real world action. And while Reddit has a comparatively smaller audience than the other major social apps, what it does have is highly engaged user communities, who are passionate about the specific elements of their chosen fandom.

Which is why Reddit can be a powerful vehicle for film and TV promotion, which has implications for all brands looking to tap into such within their marketing efforts.

You can download Reddit’s full UK film and TV guidebook here.

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