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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia and LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — is emerging from stealth to unveil a groundbreaking solution for the music industry in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI): the AI-Generative Music Attribution Model. The platform enables labels, distributors, artists, and rights holders to craft their own custom AI Music Models and attribute AI-generated music to their training data sources, enabling them to assert justifiable ownership, promote fair royalty payouts, and ethically forge new revenue streams.

Founded by music industry insiders from Beatport, Napster, MTV, and Native Instruments, was developed with the core mission of helping artists and rights owners to take advantage of AI technology while also protecting their art. Its proof of concept has been fine-tuned in collaboration with top music distributor Symphonic.

“Symphonic wants to see responsible, transparent, and fair AI generative solutions that bolster the incomes of independent creators. With, we’re excited to innovate rapidly in the music AI space while prioritizing the digital rights of our vast catalog of artists who will be able to opt into this exciting opportunity,” said Jorge Brea, CEO of Symphonic. “In the future, I believe we will be one of many distributors and record labels that will be glad they took a proactive approach to best-in-class AI music rights protection and monetization on behalf of the indie music community.”

Respecting Authorship in the Artificial Intelligence Age

In 2022, Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) paid out over $1.5 billion in royalties according to The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Meanwhile, the global market for generative AI was valued at $229 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to $2.6 trillion by 2032. This impending explosion of AI-generated music will be trained on data points of human creative output, where royalties may be due. While attributing a specific output to an individual input is complex, posits that the industry’s proclaimed inability to pursue attribution is a red herring.

“Training AI models on other people’s material without consent is unethical and fundamentally detrimental to the industry,” said Sean Power, CEO of “We have invented the equivalent of PRO algorithms for measuring public performance for the enterprise music industry. Customers who train custom music models in our system will now understand who contributed to every output they generate.”

New Revenue Streams, Royalties, and Attribution with Creative DNA

In addition to protecting artistic rights with AI attribution, allows customers to create new music and expand their music catalogs with a unique AI model trained on their own sonic fingerprints. Rights owners are further able to share these AI models for additional revenue streams while ensuring transparency and fairness in revenue distribution with’s attribution model.

“Music Authorship and Rights have traditionally been based on composition and recorded performance, but this is all changing in the world of AI,” says Matthew Adell, COO of and former CEO of Beatport. “With, Creative DNA is encoded in every musical piece and acts as a signature, unique to its creator. As a result, all future works built on that DNA can be traced back to its original owner to be monetized, compensated, or given due credit. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the essence of music – human creativity – remains respected and recognized.” is available for use today with secure data storage, multiple generative AI models, and its groundbreaking attribution model. To learn more about, please visit   

About is helping the enterprise music industry adopt artificial intelligence in a way that is both transparent and revenue-generating, with an industry-first attribution engine and custom AI-generative algorithms designed to protect artists and original works. Founded by industry leaders from Beatport, MTV, MusicNow, and Napster, is the AI-platform crafted for the music industry’s unique challenges. To learn more about, please visit


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