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The Frasier Reboot’s Martin Tribute Has A Great Niles Connection That Makes You Miss Them Both Even More

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Frasier reboot pilot.


  • The Frasier reboot pilot pays tribute to Martin Crane and Niles despite their absence, using footage from the original show.
  • John Mahoney’s death and David Hyde Pierce’s decision not to return prevented their physical presence in the reboot.
  • Martin’s message of “it all works out” is actually meant for Niles, but it resonates with Frasier as he struggles with his personal life in the reboot.

The Frasier reboot pilot ends with a Martin Crane tribute that actually has a secret connection to Niles. Frasier Crane begins his new journey back in Boston as he tries to fix his relationship with his son, Freddy, and venture into a new career path. Unfortunately, he will have to do it without the physical presence of his father and brother, who aren’t going to be in the Frasier reboot for different reasons. Regardless, the new show makes sure that both Niles and Martin’s presence looms large as Frasier navigates this fresh start.

John Mahoney’s death in 2018 rules out a physical appearance from the Crane patriarch in the Paramount+ project. Meanwhile, David Hyde Pierce opted to pass on reprising Niles in the Frasier reboot after he was asked by Kelsey Grammer himself. The actor explained that he didn’t think that there was anything left for him to do with the character, and he refused to simply do a repeat of his previous performance as brilliant as it was. Still, the series found a way to honor both of them towards the final moments of the Frasier reboot pilot, as it included footage from Martin that has special ties to Niles.

Martin’s Frasier Reboot Tag Explained: What Episode It’s From

John Mahoney as Martin Crane in Frasier

Mahoney was the reason why Martin worked as a character. The Crane patriarch could have easily come across as cold and unreasonable, but the actor made sure to portray the role with nuisance in a way that it was almost difficult not to like him. As great as Daphne and Niles’ romance was, the original Frasier’s true and best love story was the one between Frasier and his father Given this, the Frasier reboot pilot makes sure to honor both Mahoney and Martin in several ways, including via a post-credits tag.

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After Freddy and Frasier’s heart-to-heart talk about the young Crane missing his grandfather’s funeral, the Frasier reboot ends with a tribute to Gabriella James, Nicholas Lyndhurst, and John Mahoney. The parting shot of “The Good Father” features a short video of Mahoney in character in Frasier’s Seattle apartment set, lovingly smiling in front of the camera and telling everyone that “it all works out.” At first, it seems like it comes from a never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from the original show. However, it’s actually lifted from the old Frasier series finale, “Goodnight, Seattle: Part 2”.

Martin’s Message Was For Niles (Not Frasier)

Niles and Martin in Frasier

In Frasier season 11, episode 24, “Goodnight, Seatle Part: 2,” Frasier gathers all the people near and dear to his heart to explain his decision to leave Emerald City. At this point, Daphne had only just given birth to his son, David. As Niles put his newborn down, he candidly confessed his fears of not having any similarities to him — something that he experienced with his own father. In an attempt to comfort his second-born child, Martin delivers the line, “it all works out,” clearly pulling from his own experience with Frasier and Niles.

Admittedly, it was such a quick moment in the original show. In fact, the scene didn’t even have enough time to really lean on the emotionality of it. However, the Frasier reboot cut it in a way that it seems like Mahoney’s Martin is telling everyone that everything will be all right. It’s reassuring and warm — qualities that Martin eventually learned to showcase after he was able to gradually fix his relationship with his sons.

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Why Martin’s Reboot Message Better Applies To Frasier

 Freddy and Frasier talking in the Frasier reboot

Martin’s message may be for Niles, but knowing how Frasier’s life turned out, it is better suited for the Crane firstborn. Since Niles isn’t in the Frasier reboot, it’s difficult to say what exactly his dynamic is with his son, but based on David’s demeanor and comments, it’s safe to say that they have a great relationship. The fact that David is even following in his dad’s footsteps suggests that Niles has great influence over him.

Unfortunately, things are a little bit different for Frasier. Granted that he became a high-profile TV show host, allowing him to grow his wealth, his personal life remains in shambles — something that he always struggled with in the original show. He’s had a falling out with Freddy, and he remains in search of a life-long partner after he and Charlotte broke up. Frasier can find solace in Martin’s message in the Frasier reboot pilot post-credits scene. It gives him hope to continue striving for the life that he wants and the unshakable belief that someday, all things will work out for him.

The Frasier reboot airs new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.

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