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Travis Kelce agrees he’s been ‘put on the map’ by Taylor Swift romance! | Entertainment

Travis Kelce jokingly agreed he has been “put on the map” due to his budding romance with Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs player, 33, has been making worldwide headlines since the singer, also 33, was spotted cheering him on at The Arrowhead Stadium on 23 September next to Travis’ mum Donna, while wearing a red-and-white Chiefs jersey.

Tight end Travis and his brother, fellow NFL star Jason Kelce, 35, announced on Wednesday (04.10.23) their ‘New Heights’ podcast has reached No1 across various platforms thanks to what’s been called the “Taylor effect”.

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason said: “We are officially on the map. Both Travis and I have officially been put on the map.”

Travis replied: “Just when you think you been skatin’ away from it.”

Crediting Taylor for the uplift in their numbers, Jason joked: “Nothing out of the ordinary from week tree, so can’t really explain why the boost in viewership, but we appreciate you guys tuning in.”

The brothers’ jokes come after reality TV’s Bethenny Frankel, 52, joked Taylor had put Travis “on the map” by dating him.

She said in an TikTok video: “I’ve never heard the man’s name in my life. It’s not only that she put him on the map – she drew the map, she charted the course that we’re gonna take when we utilize the map, and she took him like a claw in the arcade as a toy and put him on the map.”

The former ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ star doubled down on never having “heard his name” in her “whole life” despite Travis being one of the best players in the NFL.

She added: “When I look at him, he looks like a guy who would be in like a crime movie like a tough Russian Albanian just has like two lines in a scene like, ‘It’s done, looks tough.’”

Bethenny later told fans she was “just baiting” her followers and knew about Travis’ fame.

She said: “I know some of you are mad at me, I’m sorry that I said Travis was put on the map by Taylor Swift, I know that Travis was on the football map.

“It’s just a joke, he’s wonderful, he’s amazing, he’s a nationally famous football star, she happens to be a global icon, so all in good fun.”

Unlike the singer’s relationship with her actor ex Joe Alwyn, 32, Taylor – who has been linked to Travis for around a month – has been very public with her new boyfriend.

She has so far attended two of Travis’ games and was seen cosying up to him at an afterparty in Kansas City.

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