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Big Plans in Music Industry Disruptive Tech for Rights Holders, Artists, and Venues of All Sizes, Fueled by Accelerating Revenue Growth and Strong Fundamental Improvements: VNUE, Inc.


Published August 30, 2023

• Entertainment Technology and Distribution Company Dedicated to Optimal Monetizing and Fan Enjoyment of the Live Music Experience. 

• Wholly Owned Subsidiary StageIt Provides a Ticketed Live Streaming Platform for Artists & Creators to Perform Live, Interact with Fans and Monetize Shows. 

• Patent-Pending Soundstr Platform Leverages Automation Technology in the Instant Live Space, Identifying Issues with Performance Rights Organizations. 

• Produced Products for Peter Frampton, Bad Company, Devo, Blondie, Wind Up Records, EMI, Capitol Records, and Many More. 

• New Chief Technical Officer Tony Cardenas-Montana of Great White Band Fame. 

• For the First Half of 2023, Delivered an Impressive 43% Improvement in Sales vs. the Same Period in Previous Year.  

• $10 Million Equity Line to Fund Ongoing Business Operations and Plans.  

• Completely Eliminated Any Reliance on Toxic Debt Funding.  

• Pursuing Opportunities with Global DiscLive Music Network.

• Actively Engaged with Partners in New Metaverse Project. 

VNUE Radio Benefitting Sophia’s Mission Hosted on TuneIn and Audacy’s Digital Platforms, Reaching Over 70 Million Monthly Active Users.

Completed Successful 2023 Tour with Multi-Platinum Pop Rock Band Matchbook Twenty with Live Concerts and Recording of Every Performance.  

Matchbox Twenty Limited Edition DiscLive CD Sets and Digital Downloads Being Offered with More Package Offerings Coming Soon.  

Partnered with Ticketmaster for Sales of “Instant Live” CD Sets When Fans Buy Tickets or at Website.  

VNUE, Inc., (OTC: VNUE) is a multi-faceted music technology company dedicated to monetizing the live music experience for artists, performers, labels, writers, and publishers, with products such as its instant content distribution platform, exclusive license partner DiscLive Network, and protecting the rights of artists and writers with the company’s Soundstr music recognition technology (MRT). 

VNUE also operates StageIt, one of the most well-known ticketed live streaming platforms. The veteran entrepreneurs, artists and songwriters behind VNUE, led by music and tech entrepreneur and recording artist Zach Bair (, are passionate about the future of their industry and ensuring that rights holders’ value is not lost amid always-changing technology.

StageIt, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VNUE is the most well-known ticketed live streaming platform connecting artists and their fans. StageIt was acquired by VNUE in 2022. Founded in 2009 for artists, by artists, StageIt continues its mission to help performers navigate the intricacies of the online live streaming space, providing a stage for every creator and a front row seat for every fan. StageIt provides a platform for artists and creators to perform live, interact with fans, and monetize shows, while creating unique experiences for fans. To learn more visit  

VNUE specializes in creating new and exciting products, leveraging automation technology, second-to-none experience in the instant live space, identifying issues such as lack of transparency with performance rights organizations and solving this through innovation and its patent-pending Soundstr ( platform. 

The VNUE team is the most experienced in its space, a group of technology entrepreneurs, artists and songwriters who are passionate about the future of the industry, and ensuring that the value of the rights holders are not lost in the context of new and ever-changing technology. The VNUE team has produced live content and created experiential products for such artists and companies as Peter Frampton, Bad Company, Devo, Blondie, Wind Up Records, EMI, Capitol Records, and many more. 

By (a) selling only live content through its platforms, to include not just major and independent label content, but creating and scaling its own “instant” live exclusive content, (b) processing and paying mechanical royalties on instant live content, and (c), ensuring proper accounting and payment to rights holders of material played in venues, VNUE has a perfect trifecta of solutions that will revolutionize the live music business. 

VNUE Appoints Experienced New Chief Technical Officer Tony Cardenas-Montana of Great White Band; Earns Dual Role including Chief Creative Officer

On August 29th VNUE announced the appointment of Tony Cardenas-Montana to the role of Chief Technical Officer, in addition to his existing role as Chief Creative Officer. Tony’s long tech career started as soon as he laid his guitar down fresh from touring with his platinum-selling Capitol Records recording act, Great White.

“The first thing I did was to brainstorm ways to use computers and user interfaces to change the way we interacted with machines,” said Cardenas. “I started my first company, bought some seemingly disparate pieces of hardware, hired a coder, and we began to build my vision.” That company wasNethercomm, whose first proponents were Nordstrom and Easy Spirit, and was based out of Seattle, WA.

Entrepreneurialism has its ups and downs, and Cardenas wouldn’t experience real success again until he co-founded and developed in 2002, a precedent setting ecommerce site that was the first to offer CD and DVD duplication services over the web.

“We (DiskFaktory) were the first. All aspects of the nascent business model required new approaches and out of the box thinking. From the web-based ordering system, the light manufacturing aspects, to the marketing and recruitment of business partners like Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, and FedEx-Kinkos. All of it was new ground and it was exciting to be part of!”

To Cardenas, it was simple – the notion that anyone with master files, with whatever content they produced, should be able to have professional retail ready looking products to offer to their market and audience. was included in Inc. 500 magazine’s list of “500 Fastest Growing Companies” in 2005. “We were growing quickly and in lockstep with our partners and producing millions of units,” said Cardenas of VNUE. 

Then, in 2010, Cardenas who was doing a quick stint as a fill-in musician with Guns-n-Roses guitarist Slash on his solo tour in Asia, met fellow musician and techie, and now VNUE CEO Zach Bair, whose company was producing instant live discs on the Australian leg of the tour. Their obvious mutual interests led to a partnering and continued development of what has become the VNUE brand of entertainment-based subsidiaries.

“We have always had big plans for VNUE as the umbrella brand to usher in all kinds of disruptive tech, and to provide real solutions to rights holders, performers, and venues of all sizes,” said Cardenas, who took over the development duties for Soundstr, the VNUE music recognition subsidiary. “We’ve taken what started as a noble effort to track the real usage of music in any environment so that rights holders are fairly paid and so that users are charged accordingly, and developed it into a multi-functional, rich data producing system with novel applications. I look forward to moving VNUE forward and to bring all of its subsidiaries and technologies into a streamlined intake process where rights holders, performers, advertisers, and corporations looking for new ways to reach and monetize their markets, can find exactly what they need to leverage music and performances.”

Revenue Growth and Dramatic Fundamental Improvements 

VNUE revenue growth is starting to shape up very positively in 2023 with strong fundamental improvements. Second quarter financials were filed on August 21st, keeping the company at Current status. VNUE reported sales of $0.143284 million compared to $0.093021 million in Q2 a year ago, a significant increase of 36%. There was also a dramatic decrease in net loss, down to only $0.4451 million compared to $16.16 million a year ago (due to one-time charges in 2022 which are behind the company now). 

For the first six months of 2023, VNUE sales totaled $0.23203 million compared to $0.134691 million in the same period a year ago. Another impressive improvement of 43%. Net loss for the period showed a major improvement at $0.818504 million compared to $17.33 million a year ago. These are the kind of very positive indicators that forward looking value investors seek out and VNUE is now delivering. 

VNUE management has confirmed that the company has been able to maintain its $10 million equity line to fund ongoing business operations and also completely eliminated any reliance on toxic debt funding. These are key factors to future corporate growth without the sacrifice of immediate term shareholder value. 

Expanding Operations to Optimize Fan Enjoyment and Earnings Opportunities 

VNUE management reports at this time that its Stageit streaming platform is active and growing with work on new artists and initiatives. VNUE is being updated and will be offering more artists and shows soon. VNUE makes it easy to record and sell live sets to a group’s growing audience. The VNUE Studio app records audio with or without an audio interface. The set is uploaded to the website as performed. Fans can purchase a copy of the performance they just experienced before they even leave the venue! This is one of the best ways that VNUE optimizes the entertainment experience for artists and fans alike and boosts revenue to new highs in the process. It’s a great, win-win process for all.   

Further, at this time, VNUE management states that it is pursuing more opportunities with DiscLive Network. DiscLive Network is the pioneer and global leader in delivering experiential products such as mass CDs, USBs, digital content and more after a concert or live event. They are the same core production team as the original DiscLive, with almost a decade of experience in the “immediate” live recording business – so the quality is without equal. DiscLive Network™ is operated by RockHouse Live Media Productions, Inc.

Additionally, VNUE is actively engaged with partners in its new metaverse project known as the “VNUE Icon Project” a.k.a. “VIP.” The VNUE proprietary virtual Ticket Booth will offer the stream of revenue and profits associated with actual ticket sales.

Traditional ticketing, largely controlled by Ticketmaster and others, has long been an important revenue component to the artist, tour, event, venue and festival economics. By introducing the virtual Ticket Booth, VNUE brings these types of economics to the metaverse with the activation, sales, receipts management, and ticket distribution, through the VNUE persistent festival and stage platform.

In offering every facet of a true metaverse event production house, VNUE will deliver live and recorded performances within multi-dimensional, experiential virtual worlds, and will track musical performances with the VNUE Soundstr MDM platform, to help ensure rights holders are properly compensated.

In a new move for even more market share gain, VNUE management says that they are now actively looking at vertical markets for the company’s platforms in the pro sports arena. This plan can expand VNUE marketing opportunities to an all new level in the multi- billion dollar entertainment sector. 

VNUE is also having success in legal matters with recent court actions in the company’s favor.  

VNUE Radio Expands Its Reach to Help Those in Need

On August 17th the VNUE streaming radio station, VNUE Radio, in association with Sophia’s Mission and NEWHD Media, started expanding its reach to major media platforms, TuneIn and Audacy, while turning up the heat to create job opportunities for autistic people, those with other disabilities and Veterans, by creating innovative streaming radio that is disruptive and to scale. Additionally, VNUE Radio will be available on other platforms such as Live365. Currently, VNUE Radio is available on its VNUE Radio app, available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. 

VNUE understands the meaning of connection, which is a core mission of VNUE Radio, as Zach Bair CEO of VNUE and a USAF Veteran himself, explains, “Connection is not just connecting music fans with new and exciting content, as well as a carefully curated playlist of hits throughout the decades, but also by connecting disadvantaged people who ordinarily may be brushed aside with opportunities to shine and connect with listeners in a unique and meaningful way.”

This major expansion of the listener base to these platforms will allow VNUE Radio to generate more sponsorship revenue, which in turn will help create more opportunities for those with disabilities, and at the same time exposes the artists of today and yesterday to millions of people around the world. Bair said it is his hope that brand partners will see this opportunity to help the cause.

With the addition of both Audacy and TuneIn, VNUE Radio will have a combined reach of over 70 million people, including Canada and the UK, bringing the unique VNUE platform and message of love and acceptance to a diverse audience, and exposing new music to a new generation of listeners craving creative content.

Listeners may currently download the VNUE Radio app from the Apple Store or Google Play and will soon be able to find the station on the Audacy platform, as well as the current availability of TuneIn and Live365. With each download and song play, listeners are helping those in need have a better life.

VNUE Tour and Recording All Performances for Matchbox Twenty for 2023 “Slow Dream” Concert Series  

VNUE hit the road in 2023 with Matchbox Twenty, the multi-platinum, hit-making pop rock band, to record each date on the band’s “Slow Dream” tour. VNUE is also releasing “instant” collectible double CD sets and collectible download cards through its exclusive partner, DiscLive (, as well as digital downloads.

Additionally, VNUE partnered with Ticketmaster so that fans may have the option of purchasing the “instant live” CD sets when they buy their tickets, as well as from the website.

Matchbox Twenty has just released its first new album in over a decade, “Where the Light Goes,” on May 26th, and the first single from that album, “Wild Dogs (Living in a Slow Dream)” has already dropped. Matchbox Twenty has sold over 40 million records worldwide, and earned multiple chart-topping singles, such as “Real World,” “Back 2 Good,” “Push,” “3AM,” and many others. 1996’s Diamond-certified Yourself or Someone Like You proved a worldwide sensation and instantly established Matchbox as global superstars.

Rob Thomas, lead singer for Matchbox Twenty, and VNUE, have worked together now for several years, both on his solo tour in 2019, and for his concerts at the Borgata Hotel & Casino, raising money for Rob and his wife Marisol’s charity, Sidewalk Angels Foundation.

In addition to being able to pre-purchase the CD set through Ticketmaster (, which includes a $5 discount, fans may also purchase directly from or at the shows they attend. Even if fans are not attending the show, DiscLive will ship worldwide.

VNUE noted that CD set purchases from Ticketmaster for the 2020 tour will be honored for the 2023 tour. All CDs purchased via Ticketmaster will be shipped directly to customers. For ticketing information and all tour dates visit

At the close of the second quarter the VNUE Matchbox Twenty Tour has been very successful and VNUE will be adding more product packages to the mix to increase sales even further.

For more information on $VNUE visit: 


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