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Eagle Mountain Casino offers refunds after George Lopez left early

Eagle Mountain Casino is issuing refunds to people who attended George Lopez’s show over the weekend. 

The Porterville casino is also offering a free show for all attendees through the rest of the year. 


The backstory: Lopez walked out of his show last Friday at Eagle Mountain Casino over a half an hour earlier than he was scheduled to. 

  • The comedian’s PR team told TMZ that the audience was unruly, blaming the casino for failing to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Lopez was initially scheduled for a show on April 20 at Eagle Mountain Casino but canceled it just one hour ahead of time due to a medical emergency. 

Driving the news: Eagle Mountain Casino released a statement refuting the claims from Lopez’s team. 

  • The casino said that Lopez and his private security had every opportunity to inform the casino team if they wanted a guest removed from the show but did not. The two comedians who opened for Lopez also did not have any concerns or issues with the crowd. 

What we’re watching: Attendees looking for a refund can submit a request here

  • Attendees can also request tickets for another show this year of equal or lesser value. 

What they’re saying: “While we did see guests yelling out, we see recordings showing those saying – we love you, can we buy you a drink, etc. We also know that at a comedy show, there are also likely some outbursts that casino security would have been happy to address had any issue been made known,” said Assistant General Manager Tiffani Sahagun in a statement. “We only want for our guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience, and we want our entertainers to feel safe and enjoy coming to Porterville as well.” 

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