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KenTheMan Announces Back To 304’N Tour

KenTheMan press and tour assets

Source: Courtesy / Roc Nation

Kentavia ‘KenTheMan’ Miller is a Houston-bred beauty who also happens to be a slick-talking lyrical beast that can ride a beat with aggressively raw storytelling proving that women can be hypersexual, intelligent and talented, all at the same time. After garnering 180 million global streams, 44 million Youtube views, co-signs from Cardi B, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and a coveted spot on XXL Freshman Class Cover, KenTheMan is heading out for her Back to 304’n Tour which will hit 12 cities across the U.S. starting September 19 and running through October 12. The Houston lyricist will be performing some of her hit classics as well as new music from her recently released EP Back to 304’n with sounds from DJ Cee Watts.

In the male-dominated battlefield of rap, the liberated emcee has assumed soldier status. Her stage moniker, built in part from her childhood nickname “Ken,” is an alter ego that speaks to her ability to go bar for bar with the boys through the lens of ratchet womanism. Signed to Roc Nation, KenTheMan is a rapper but also a business, man.

Three years ago, Ken made her EP debut with 4 Da 304s (pronounced For the Hoes) letting her freaky flag fly high turning skeptics into stans. The project was a play on social media codewords that allows for adult verbiage and taboo topics without being flagged. The exhilarating listen from top to bottom was a fearless toast to sexual autonomy, self-empowerment and getting after it. The powerful independent offering climbed to No. 9 on the Apple hip- hop charts and generated more than three million streams within its first 24 hours. Now she’s “back” full circle making music for the sexually liberated woman with her Back 304’n. On Back to 304’n, KenTheMan made prodigious use of her artistry by curating a project that is vastly different from the ones before it. While her sexual prowess and the individuality of her voice live through the explicit content, her cadence and tone communicate a modern form of womanhood.

With a penchant for crafting fierce, free-spirited bars that reflect her dynamic personality the newly signed Roc Nation MC is fresh off the heels of her smash single “Not My N*gga” which boasted over 20 million streams.  Ken’s first single off her latest EP is the spicy “I Love a Freak” where she waxes poetic about her love for rich men and oral pleasure.  The single offers an assertive and self-indulgent warning about the type of man KenTheMan likes, both in and out of the bedroom. On this curated body of mood music, KenTheMan kicks it up a notch by insisting she’s willing to seek other options if her feminine and financial needs aren’t met.

Ken says, “Men have been sexualizing us for decades but when we sexualize ourselves, it’s seen as this taboo thing. Why can’t we talk about our own bodies? Why can’t we live our lives where our pleasure is at the center of the story?”

KenTheMan press and tour assets

Source: Courtesy / Roc Nation

KenTheMan has made a sport out of taking control of her narrative and artistry by curating a soundtrack for women to reclaim their power; over their bodies, minds, finances and relationships. With women having experienced a storied history of sexual oppression, she boldly brags about who she bags while getting to a bag without shame. Her outspokenness on the subject of sex isn’t so much about shock value as it is for women to know their value and prioritize their own satisfaction, be it sexual or otherwise. KenTheMan’s sex and body-positive feminism has given her a seat at the table. However, in authentic Big Ken fashion, she chooses to shake the table along with the culture. The future is not only female, but it belongs to KenTheMan.

Congrats to Ken on all of her recent success. Check out the dates for her Back to 304’n Tour above!

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