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School partners with big names in the music industry

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) -“These kids have superpowers,” said Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records.

Leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs walk the halls of Frederick Douglass High School every day. And now, entertainment icon Jimmy Iovine and rapper Andre “Dr. Dre” Young are partnering with Atlanta Public Schools to unlock that potential and share it with the world.

Although Dr. Dre wasn’t there, Iovine introduced the program on Tuesday joined by another big name in the music industry, producer and songwriter Dallas Austin.

“We believe we’re going to give these kids an advantage, a different type of education. So, you all can sell these kids, go out there and say you want these kids. Because the modern job needs these kids. That’s why,” said Iovine.

The result, is the high school’s brand new “lovine and Young Center,” which is designed to combine a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum with real-world opportunities.

Iovine and Dr. Dre created their own magnet high school in Los Angeles last year, also seeking to re-imagine the high school experience.

“Me and Dre think big. We think everybody in the world’s going to learn like this well, maybe! We never thought everybody in the world would wear our headphones, but they did,” said Iovine.

High school senior Ariel Brumant hopes the program can put a much-needed spotlight on the students at Frederick Douglass High School.

“We don’t have as much opportunities as other schools have,” Brumant said. “Jobs and how like people don’t look towards us because our careers or the school that we come from or the area that we come from or the things that go on.”

Sophomore Caleb Mitchell is excited to enroll in the program next year. He thinks the program will motivate more of his peers to not skip class.

“I think it will help bring out [the] potential of students and help them engage more… I think this will provide more opportunities for us,” said Mitchell.

Students can enroll in the program next school year.

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