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Strikes In Hollywood Result In 17,000 Job Losses!

  • After months of strikes Hollywood reports huge job losses within the industry cinema and television.
  • The United States Bureau of Employment Statistics reports that in the middle More than 17,000 jobs were lost last month.
  • That is expected Strikes continue to affect various sectors of the economy close to the entertainment industry.

The first Major consequences of the WGA writers’ strike and actor the SAG-AFTRA Syndicate, start thinking about the Hollywood industry. Well, recently that was revealed The film, television and music medium has seen more than 17,000 job losses since last month due to strikes.

It was also reported The lack of activity within the industry could continue to have a serious impact on Hollywood workers. and for the economies of states that depend primarily on film and television production.

But, How serious are these consequences and why are the studies not yielding? We explain it to you.

Is Hollywood Losing Stability?

The United States Bureau of Employment Statistics, reported that only last month The film and television industry has cut up to 17,000 jobs due to the major standstill of activities that has led to the strike of screenwriters and actors.

The report stated this The number of unemployed citizens in the United States has increased dramatically since the strike began. This value is particularly noticeable in the entertainment and telecommunications category.

“The film and sound recording industry declined, losing 17,000 jobs, a consequence directly reflected in the strikes. However, the effect is also reaching telecom companies, which have reported losing another 4,000 jobs.

The joint report shows this the unemployment rate in the United States rose from 3.5% to 3.8%, although other areas stand out Health, tourism and construction are considered the healthiest.

Hollywood Strikes
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Does the Hollywood strike have an impact beyond cinema?

The impact caused by the strike within states such as California, Georgia and New York, were not only limited to the lack of jobs directly in the industry, but also in other sectors around.

The Employment Bureau’s report notes that since the Hollywood writers’ strike began in May, several studios have begun suspending operations. This became even clearer when the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike began in July.

From there, Staff on set – such as porters, stagehands, wardrobe and makeup teams, lighting, sound engineers, gaffers, assistants, technicians, etc. – were affected by the hundreds. Because every production consists of teams of more than a thousand people at every stage, and not all of them are unionized.

Additionally, He BLS indicated that others Industries such as restaurants and resort hotels previously visited by productions, were dangerously damaged from the movement as businesses focused on catering and accommodation services lack job opportunities.

In addition, it has been reported Job losses at other big Hollywood companies including some fewer positions in Production companies, talent agencies, and corporations that have relied on the Star System to generate income for decades. And, not only in Hollywood, Other countries are also beginning to see the consequences of strikes directly among its workers.

That’s what the Milken Institute estimated in the last strike happened between 2007 and 2008California’s economy was impacted by more than $2.1 billion Amount adjusted for inflation today at approx $2.9 billion. It is unknown how However, the current moves could impact the economies of Los Angeles and other cities and states The announced unemployment rate indicates it will be much higher than the previous strike.

Hollywood Strikes
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Hollywood studios are not backing down

Despite the noticeable consequences, in the recent talks between the AMPTP and the strikers, the executives of Studies remain reluctant to reach agreement with the writers and actors who invested instead a new PR agency is to “clean up the perception of its image” before the hearings.

It is currently being reported The strike has cost the industry even more than the writers and actors expected. Again, this did not appear to be a determining factor in the producers’ decision to end the strike.

In the last weeks CEOs of companies like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Warner, Paramount, among other things, they have defended the position of the AMPTP not to give in to the demands of the strikers, even though they These Presidents generate annual bonuses of more than $20 million each, on top of their already inflated salaries.

Likewise him Executives have described requests from writers and actors as “unsustainable for the Hollywood industry.” Although The amounts requested by the creative people were actively invested from companies in Artificial intelligence technologies another point the strikers are looking to stop.

After all, rumors in the past few weeks have suggested it The current position of Hollywood executives is to “wait until the strike spreads long enough for writers and actors to start losing their homes.” have no money.

until now a) no agreement could be reached between the parties involved and indeed other members of the industry are beginning to isolate writers and actors involved in the strikes, like the DGA, whose members have been asked not to vote for directors who are part of movements to fill key positions within the union.

Hollywood Strikes

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