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Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny may be launching a musical collaboration

It’s no surprise that urban singer Bad Bunny is getting too deep into the world of superstars in Los Angeles, as he has been spotted with the most important people in the entertainment industry.

Right now, the most relevant singer worldwide is undoubtedly Taylor Swift, who is right now giving a world tour, but that would not limit his personal relationships, as he has been seen at the side of singer Bad Bunny making all the people excited.

taylor swift bad bunny

Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny may be launching a musical collaboration

Beyond a love relationship, the internet public is already imagining what a musical collaboration between Swift and Bunny would be like, being a quite particular but surely very successful combination.

While attending the Electric Lady Studio in New York, where she has been for the second time and where she records several of her songs, the interpreter of “Red” and the popular Latino were captured separately, but knowing that they were sharing the same space at that moment, opened the alarms for everyone, indicating that they could possibly be working on a musical collaboration, which would surely be the collaboration of the century.

taylor swift bad bunny

This is only a rumor because neither Taylor Swift nor Bad Bunny have said anything about a collaboration, so we must wait to know if both singers will release new music together.

What do you think about it? Would you like a song between these two talented people? How do you think this sound would sound like? Good or bad?

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