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The File Size Isn’t 300 GB

The Call of Duty community was understandably alarmed when the game was initially revealed on Sunday. Initial reports indicated a staggering and unprecedented 300-GB download size. However, this concern was quickly alleviated.

Call of Duty Updates on X quickly corrected the misinformation on their account. The new information was validated as the game’s official account, and Activision reposted the following.

According to the post, the 300 GB download size included the full installations of several COD titles (Modern Warfare II, III, and Warzone), content packs, and all localized languages.

Per the post, this is not representative of the average COD player and is more of an extreme case. Users will be able to download Black Ops 6 at launch without having any other COD titles or language packs installed, which is expected to shave more than 100 GB off the total download size.

While Black Ops 6 won’t be 300 GB, you can bet it will still be one of the giant games in your collection. For reference, Black Ops 5 required more than 130 GB of space. Even if Black Ops 6 ventures into the 150-GB range, it would still be manageable in comparison to other games.

For instance, it would be significantly smaller than Ark: Survival Evolved, which takes up a whopping 400 GB of space. Aside from the file size confusion, the campaign mode trailer was recently released.

The trailer opens with an address from President George Bush and takes place during the Gulf War. There are glimpses of Saddam Hussein and elements of President Bill Clinton’s speeches.

The visuals are predictably stunning, and the entire package raises the overall appeal before the game’s release.

Here is a look at the trailer:

Black Ops 6 is set to release on October 25 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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