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Where is The Other Black Girl Filmed? Hulu Show Filming Locations

Adapted from the eponymous 2021 novel by Zakiya Dalila Harris, Hulu’s ‘The Other Black Girl’ is a mystery comedy-drama series that centers upon Nella Rogers, an editorial assistant at Wagner Books, which is a well-established, successful, and predominantly white publishing house in New York City. Being the only Black woman working for the company, she is often consumed by feelings of loneliness and being marginalized. However, when another Black woman named Hazel-May McCall is hired at Wagner Books, she is excited and sooner rather than later, the two become good friends.

Just when things start looking up for Nella, she begins receiving mysterious messages suggesting that she should leave Wagner Books. Moreover, when Hazel’s advice puts Nella in trouble with her boss while the rest of the employees start showing favoritism toward the former, the two friends slowly drift away. All these occurrences make Nella wonder if Hazel is deliberately sabotaging her just so she can move ahead in the company. Not only this, Nella even uncovers some dark secrets of the publishing house and discovers that something sinister is going on at the company.

Developed by Zakiya Dalila Harris and Rashida Jones, the thriller show features compelling onscreen performances from a group of talented actors, including Sinclair Daniel, Ashleigh Murray, Brittany Adebumola, Hunter Parrish, and Bellamy Young. The transition of the NYC-based Wagner Books from just another workplace to something sinister is gradually portrayed with each episode, complementing the vibe of the series at all times. So, many of you might be wondering if the series is shot on location in New York City or not. If you are one such curious soul, we have got you covered!

The Other Black Girl Filming Locations

‘The Other Black Girl’ is filmed primarily in Georgia, especially in and around Atlanta. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the mystery series got underway in late October 2022 and wrapped up in about four months or so, in February 2023. So, without much ado, let’s follow Nella as she works at a NYC publishing firm and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that appear in the Hulu series!

Atlanta, Georgia

Although the story is based in New York City, the production team of ‘The Other Black Girl’ chooses to shoot almost all the pivotal sequences in Atlanta, the Hollywood of the South. With most of the action unfolding inside different establishments, including the protagonist’s residence and workplace, it is reported that a majority of them are lensed in one of the studios located in and around the city.

Some of the top-notch film studios in Atlanta are Shadowbox Studios, Trilith Studios, West Midtown Production Studio, Tyler Perry Studios, EUE/Screen Gems Studios, and Digital Thunderdome Studios, to name a few. Thus, it is probable that the Hulu series is recorded in one of the above-mentioned film studios.

Besides that, some exterior portions of ‘The Other Black Girl’ are lensed across the city as the filming unit supposedly transforms various streets and neighborhoods to replicate the terrains of The Big Apple. Known as one of the top global leaders when it comes to motion picture and television production, Atlanta plays a significant role in the entertainment industry. Since it is also considered a hub for Black filmmakers, it makes sense why the mystery thriller series, which stars Black actors in leading roles, is taped in Atlanta.

Apart from ‘The Other Black Girl,’ the Gate City has hosted the production of a number of film and TV projects over the years. As a matter of fact, its vast and versatile landscapes have been featured in ‘Pain Hustlers,’ ‘The Out-Laws,’ ‘Game Night,’ ‘Devious Maids,’ and ‘All My Children.’

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