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In the mood for love this fall? TV has you covered with several options ranging from movies to series. We break down three must-see titles, below.

The Lovers: Amy (Stephanie Leonidas), an exec at a New York City wellness company, and Marcello (Raniero Monaco Di Lapio), an Italian chef who runs a Venice cooking school.

How They Meet Cute: Amy tries to hire Marcello to help launch a new line of meal prep kits, but he turns her down. Undeterred, she enrolls in his school — housed in a breathtaking palazzo — to continue pleading her case.

Challenge They Face: After they fall for each other, Amy has to persuade Marcello to return with her to the ultra-competitive Manhattan restaurant scene.

Will They Make It?: , if Marcello can instead convince Amy to stay and embrace the slow-paced pleasures of a life in Italy, and with him.


Haley Lu Richardson-'Love At First Sight'

(Credit: Netflix)

The Lovers: Hadley (Haley Lu Richardson), an American bookworm, and Oliver (Ben Hardy), a U.K. statistics major.

How They Meet Cute: At the airport, Hadley connects first to Oliver’s borrowed phone charger, then with its charming owner. Fate places them on the same flight to London—in adjoining seats—leading to a first date over the Atlantic.

Challenge They Face: Hadley’s broken phone leaves her without Oliver’s number, which sets them on simultaneous searches for the other in a city of millions.

Will They Make It?: Per the film’s narrator (Jameela Jamil, The Good Place), it’s statistically unlikely they’ll find each other a second time. But don’t be too quick to bet against love, no matter the odds.


Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey-'Fellow Travelers'

(Credit: Showtime)

Fellow Travelers (Sunday, October 29, 9/8c, Showtime) 

The Lovers: Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer), a charismatic but emotionally unavailable 1950s political operative, and Tim Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey), an idealistic young man of faith discovering his sexuality.

How They Meet Cute: In this limited series, a chance encounter with Hawkins ignites both Tim’s career in government and a love that will span decades.

Challenge They Face: Beginning a gay relationship just as Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn declare their hate-fueled war on so-called “subversives and sexual deviants.”

Will They Make It?: Only if they can survive the dangers that confront them over the years, like McCarthyism, the Vietnam War, and the AIDS crisis.

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