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Editor’s Letter: 2023 Fall Arts and Entertainment Preview

Sometimes I go to the library for fun. It’s a habit I’ve had my whole life, from taking part in story times as a child to attending lectures as an adult, and years of browsing books, CDs, and movies along the way. A recent lunchtime visit to the Troy Public Library brought up memories of the latter and what a game changer VHS rentals were.

I think it was 1983 when my family finally bought a VCR. It wasn’t too long after the purchase that we learned that at the Troy library, we could check out any movie, at no cost, and keep it for a week!

I still remember entering the video room and seeing the rows of classic films on display. I was a huge movie fan, and it truly felt like I had discovered a Wonka Golden Ticket. Up until that day, the only way to watch a classic film had been to go to the Redford Theatre or to wait for it to be broadcast on TV, either annually or on shows like Bill Kennedy at the Movies or Rita Bell’s Prize Movie.

TV series were not yet released on video, and we were many years from streaming, so for most of my childhood, watching live TV was the only option to see a recent series. Hence the importance of TV Guide’s Fall Preview issue. In this thicker-than-usual tome, you could get a sneak peek at what the three broadcast channels would be bringing to your living room that season and plan accordingly.

At Hour Detroit, our annual Fall Arts & Entertainment Preview isn’t geared toward TV, but this year we do have an interview with a Detroiter who is on the writing team for one of television’s hottest sitcoms, Abbott Elementary. The bulk of the guide centers on (mostly live) events that are coming to town this season, covering art, music, comedy, dance, theater, and film.

Like our Fall Arts Preview, Fall Fashion has been an Hour September staple for years. For our photo shoot, we visited one of our shopping meccas: downtown Birmingham, where we captured a model strolling the streets wearing the trends that were featured on top brands’ fall/winter runways. And in our 24/7 section, we have an interview with a local model who is making a name for herself nationally and a guide to where to shop for one of this season’s hottest colors.

September is now the home of the Detroit Auto Show. Our third feature takes a look at pasts, presents, and futures of the Big Three automakers, and we get a peek at the innovative work being done at Newlab’s Book Depository. You’ll find details about the auto show in our interview with a Livonia native who is an auto show presenter.

Lastly, this month marks the start of our apple season. Make sure you freshen up on your Blake family history with our article in the Food & Drink section before you go apple picking or cider sipping.

Wishing you a happy and healthy September, whether you choose to head out to one of the many events in metro Detroit or cozy up with a book from your local library.

This story is from the September 2023 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition.

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