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Visit Corpus Christi’s Film and Music Commission looks for more

America Segura with Visit Corpus Christi says a film industry could really benefit local businesses.


Being on the coast can offer unique opportunities for both locals and tourists to experience. And in the near future, Corpus Christi may even become a place where tv networks and film studios come to film their projects. 

Our area already offers local film festivals and musicians that make Corpus Christi a special place for artists to live but one local organization believes that more can be done to bring more entertainment professionals to the city. 

Visit Corpus Christi recognizes what the city has to offer, and their film and music commission is already making strides in making the Gulf Coast capital an entertainment destination.

Public Relations Manager for Visit Corpus Christi, America Segura says building relationships with local film festivals and artists will help make the city an entertainment destination. That’s why they created the Film and Music Commission.

“Film and music here in Corpus Christi really can be a very big industry and we know that there is a lot of potential. So really the goal of the Film and Music Commission is to able to facilitate for TV shows, for artists to come here but also enhance the community as a whole,” Segura said.

Segura said that the city has lost out on various occasions including a movie that could’ve potentially been shot at the U.S.S. Lexington but by keeping up with the technology and resources that film crews need, the commission can do a lot of good for local business. 

“We hear all the time about these other cities that are able to accommodate crews for months on end. That is money that Is coming into the pockets of local business owners because those crews need somewhere to stay. They need somewhere to shop. They need somewhere to eat. So that is a way in which we feel that benefits our community,” she said.  

In the meantime, the commission is also doing big things for the city’s music scene. On Friday, the city was recognized by the State of Texas as a Music Friendly Texas certified community by the Texas Music Office. 

Casey Lain with the House of Rock is part of Visit Corpus Christi’s Music Advisory Council and has worked with other local musicians and promoters to make corpus a state recognized music friendly destination. 

“It’s just exciting times, you know. It’s great to be recognized by the state it’s good to see so many people come out of the woodwork to want to be a part of this and the support we’ve seen is phenomenal,” Lain said.  

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